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Starting Construction on New Net-Zero, Passive House

As professionals in the architecture and construction industry, we are constantly seeking innovative ways to design and build sustainable structures that not only minimize their environmental impact but also prioritize energy efficiency. Today, we are excited to share our journey as we embark on constructing a new Net-Zero Passive House, Hidden House.

Personal Story

The idea of a Net-Zero Passive House has always intrigued us. The opportunity to design a building that produces as much energy as it consumes aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating sustainable spaces. From the initial concept sketches to the final construction phase, every step of this project has been meticulously planned to ensure that we achieve our goal of creating a high-performance and environmentally friendly building. This will be our first project as developers and construction managers making sure we can control every part of the build process to guarantee the best quality architecture.

Site Activity Data Insights

After a year long battle with the local planning authority we were awarded planning permission for Hidden House due to the world-leading innovations involved in the building design. This project will help drive forwards to the quality of design and construction in the local area. This reaffirms the importance of projects like our Net-Zero Passive House in pushing the boundaries of traditional design and setting new standards for energy-efficient buildings to help create a new sustainable, affordable vernacular.

Construction Progress

Net-Zero Passive House

As we progress with the construction, we are incorporating cutting-edge technologies and innovative materials to achieve optimal energy performance. The design principles of the Passive House standard, coupled with renewable energy solutions, such as solar tiles, are key elements that will enable our building to operate efficiently while maintaining superior comfort levels for its occupants.

Benefits of Net-Zero Construction

Net-Zero Construction

By embracing the Passive House concept and striving for a Net-Zero energy balance, we are not only reducing carbon emissions but also creating a healthier indoor environment. The benefits of such construction go beyond energy savings; they encompass enhanced comfort, improved air quality, and a reduced ecological footprint.


In conclusion, the journey of starting construction on a new Net-Zero Passive House represents our dedication to sustainable architecture as Certified Passive House designers and shows our commitment to shaping a greener future. We believe that by pushing the boundaries of traditional design and construction methods, we can pave the way for more eco-conscious buildings that harmonise with their surroundings and promote a sustainable lifestyle.

Remember, the future of architecture lies in our hands, and by embracing innovations like Net-Zero Passive Houses, we can build a better world for generations to come.

Optimize your next project with our sustainable design solutions.

(This blog post was brought to you by Campion Design, industry leaders in sustainable, innovative architecture.)

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